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Low signal at home or office can be boosted by cell phone boosters. 

This articles is all about solving low signal problem at any place like home or office. The low signal problem do not cause too much issues when it occurs on place where your visit is very limited but when this problem occurs in your home or office or any other place where you live passes most of your time then it creates huge problem.

If you are in office and you are attending major business call on your mobile and by chance the call gets dropped due to low signal problem, what will you do? You will get frustrated and will wish to change your service provider but will that guarantee perfect signal strength?

The only solution available to problem of low signal strength is in form of cell phone signal boosters and this is observed that this device is best solution. Especially if you are having problem in office, the booster for office buildings works like life savers for many people as it do not allows any call to get dropped at anytime. Good news is that cell phone boosters are also available for vehicles or lifts or basements, so there is a booster model available for any kind of place.

Why whatsapp users may need cell phone signal repeaters? 

Almost every second person today has a smart phone and most of them are using apps like whatsapp or viber for easy communication and to be socialized. Fact is that these all application work on data services which comes from either sim card service providers. In the case when signal strength of career is not up to mark in any area or we can say that you are facing low signal problem in your area then it is quite possible that you will also be facing disconnection in your data services again and again.

Many phones keeps “calling functions” at priority over data consuming services but fact is that if there is low coverage then none of these can work well. In this case a whatsapp user may need to install cell phone signal booster at the place where he faces low signal problem.

A cell phone signal repeater has technology of boosting signals, it captures the low strength signals coming from towers and boosts it. Then it spreads that boosted signal to all over needed area. As the signal strength has got boosted, this will definitely improve the data connection and which will allow you to use apps like whatsapp without any disturbance.

2nd Generation Nest – Thermostat with Low Power Consumption 

Everyone will think many times before buying a thermostat of $250 but what if the thermostat is power saving one? Yes, you read it right and i am talking about a thermostat which saves power or you can say that consumes less power in compare to other thermostats. Firstly, i would like to tell you that why all thermostats consumes too much power? Working of thermostat is to maintain the house temperature according to user’s need. Our house to be to open to outside air or atmosphere from many sides and due to that thermostat has to work all time to maintain the temperature and the continuous working leads to more power consumption. NEST
Now you may ask that why you should spend $250 on a thermostat and you have a valid question. Nest is not a simple thermostat because it is a software based thermostat; the software allows it to save power in many ways. The use of Nest gets lot of easier because of its easy to use software. For more information on Nest click here.
Nest has features of tracking the changes you make in temperature day and night which allows it to work more smartly. It keeps tracking your lifestyle and works according to it, in this way after few days Nest makes changes to temperature itself according to your habit.
Now, you don’t want your thermostat to work and consume power when there is no body at your home and it do happens in many houses. People use to forget to switch off their thermostat and the thermostat use to keep working all time and that use to be total wastage. Nest is a device which can be seen as a step to resolve this problem. Nest has ability to sense human, it’s software switches it on whenever it sense human around it. Although this technology is at very initial stage but it seems like it will be taken to higher levels soon.
Nest shows the time which it will take to get to needed temperature. Most of us to use set higher then needed temperatures on our thermostats thinking that it will make thermostat to work faster and less time will be taken. This can be right and also can be wrong because of conditions of each house varies. Now, Nest has feature which shows you the time it will take to heat up or cool down the temperature, this allows user to not to worry about quick cooling or heating.
The best thing about Nest is that it can be managed by Android or iPhone over WiFi, user can set the temperature & can make it On or Off. For more information click here.

Green Goose Sensors 

Are you tired of accidently leaving the toilet seat up? Leaving the house without your cell phone?  Forgetting to take your dog out before work? Well you are not alone. With so much going on in our lives these days it is hard to be sure that everything is done how and when it is supposed to be. While the above mentioned tasks seem like no brainers when you add them all together then pile the other thousand things a day to remember, well, they begin to weigh on you and mistakes are made. With smart home automation on the uprise it only makes sense that alarms can be made to remind you of every task that must be completed and also alert you of when it has been completed. Green Goose Sensors turn that thought into a reality.

Green Goose Sensors has provided the smart home user with extremely portable, convenient wireless stickers that can stick on anything. They are extremely sensitive sensors which detect the movement of any object which they are stuck on.  A Green Goose Sensor, for example, could be placed on the underside of a toilet seat. If the toilet seat it not in the down position prior to the bathroom door opening then the lights on the bathroom could be set to flash. The possibilities are endless. One of the sensors could be placed on your cell phone. If your cell phone does not move within the x minutes prior to your garage door opening then the lights in the garage could be set to flash.  The same goes for walking your dog, closing certain doors, or even opening a drawer in the refrigerator to grab your lunch for the day.

This system is very simple and easy to set up. The wireless stickers send information to a little green egg that plugs right into your wireless router. The router then transmits the signal to your cellular device or computer. From there you can program macros to determine what the next command should be whether it be flashing lights, beeping alarms or other alterations to the present living environment.

Swamp Cooler 

The official name for Swamp Cooler is Evaporation Cooler. Nowadays the system doesn’t smell like a swamp anymore, but the  the name Swamp Cooler is more used in common language.

The functionality is simple. Air is cooled by simply evaporating water. The system works well in a hot climate, where the humidity is low. States like Utah and Arizona would qualify for this type of climate.

Installing and operating a Swamp Cooler can cut down costs compared to a conventional Air Condition unit by about 80%. Some system can also be used as a humidifier.

A fan draws the hot air from the house towards the system and guides it along a screen of water. Heat is drawn from the air to evaporate the water. The amount of heat needed to evaporate the water is called latent heat.  To evaporate a liter of water, about 2257 kJ of energy is needed. The evaporation rate depends on the different difference between the wet-bulb temperature and the dry-bulb temperature. The Wet Bulb temperature is the temperature of adiabatic saturation. This is the temperature indicated by a moistened thermometer bulb exposed to the air flow. The dry-bulb temperature

The larger this difference is, the better the system works.


The wet-bulb temperature is a type of temperature measurement that reflects the physical properties of a system with a mixture of a gasand a vapor, usually air and water vapor. Wet bulb temperature is the lowest temperature that can be reached by the evaporation of water only. It is the temperature one feels when one’s skin is wet and is exposed to moving air. Unlike dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature is an indication of the amount of moisture in the air. Wet-bulb temperature can have several technical meanings:

  • Thermodynamic wet-bulb temperature: the temperature a volume of air would have if cooled adiabatically to saturation at constant pressure by evaporation of water into it, all latent heat being supplied by the volume of air.
  • The temperature read from a wet bulb thermometer
  • Adiabatic wet-bulb temperature: the temperature a volume of air would have if cooled adiabatically to saturation and then compressed adiabatically to the original pressure in a moist-adiabatic process (AMS Glossary).


When considering water evaporating into air, the wet-bulb temperature, as compared to the air’s dry-bulb temperature, is a measure of the potential for evaporative cooling. The greater the difference between the two temperatures, the greater the evaporative cooling effect. When the temperatures are the same, no net evaporation of water in air occurs, thus there is no cooling effect.